Centre for Project Management and Construction Law (CPMCL)

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be a leading international Centre for research and consultancy in Project Management and Construction Law.

To advance knowledge in Project Management and Construction Law.

About the Centre

The Centre for Project Management and Construction Law (CPMCL) was formed in 2005. The CPMCL replaced the Construction Management and Economics Research Group (CMERG) which had existed in the Department since 1991.

The reasons for setting up the CPMCL include:

  1. To market the Department's ability to host research in project management and construction law because of its physical structure, equipment and academic culture in terms of its complement of academic staff members.
  2. To market research findings in project management and construction law coming from a hot-bed of research activities and a gathering of great research minds.
  3. To provide a ballast for a research tradition in project management and construction law as well as the continuity needed to establish a healthy research community.

It was envisaged that the Centre would (i) create a reputation for the Department as having research expertise and experience in project management and construction law; (ii) be an avenue to market the feasibility and viability of the Department as a choice to pursue a research degree and therefore attract good research students and scholars; and (iii) attract external research funding.

The founding Co-Directors were: Associate Professor Philip Chan and Professor Willie Tan.

The past Director and Associate Director were Professor Low Sui Pheng and Associate Professor Philip Chan, respectively.

The main activities of the CPMCL are:

  1. Facilitation of research by its members
  2. Conduct of research seminars and conferences
  3. Conduct of executive development programmes, both at the NUS and in the premises of the client organisation
  4. Serving as a depository of important books and other publications on project management and construction law.

The CPMCL undertakes a number of joint activities with several similar organisations in good universities globally. Some examples of these collaborative activities include:

  1. Joint research with several universities including the University of California, Berkeley, USA; University of Hong Kong; University of Reading, UK; Seoul National University, Korea; and Tsinghua University, China.
  2. Joint research seminars with: (i) University of Hong Kong, Loughborough University, UK and University of Technology Malaysia; and (ii) Seoul National University, Korea
  3. Executive professional development programme with University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


Hwang Bon-Gang (Dr) Associate Professor


Winston Hauw (MR)Professor
Ling Yean Yng, Florence (Dr)Professor
Low Sui Pheng (DR)Professor
Tan Chee Keong, Willie (Dr)Professor
Goh Yang Miang (Dr)Associate Professor
Hwang Bon-Gang (Dr) Associate Professor
Gabriel Kor (Mr)Associate Professor
Jonathan Lian (Mr)Associate Professor
Lim Pin (Mr)Associate Professor
Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn (Dr)Associate Professor
Wong Hwee Boon Daniel (Mr)Associate Professor
Yeoh Teng Kwong (Dr)Associate Professor
Chung Kin Hung Jacky (Dr)Assistant Professor
Wang Qian (Dr) Assistant Professor

Adjunct Staff

Teo Ho Pin (DR)Adjunct Professor
Seah Hsiu-Min, Eugene (Mr)Adjunct Associate Professor

Associate Member

Dr Philip Chan Chuen Fye
Mr Chew Kok Leong
Dr Christopher Leong

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Research Units

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