Practical Training Scheme (PTS)


The Practical Training Scheme (PTS) is offered as a 4-MC Completed Satisfactory or Completed Unsatisfactory (CS/CU) Elective Module: PF3401 Practical Training Scheme in the B.Sc. (Project and Facilities Management) programme.

Students who opt for PTS are required to undergo 12 weeks of approved practical training at the end of the second semester. The attachment period is scheduled from May to July (12 weeks) in each academic year. Applications for PTS open typically in February each year. Applicants should have completed 80-120 MCs as at 1 January of that year.


  • To enable the student to apply the knowledge gained from academic studies to practical situations, and
  • To provide an opportunity for the student to experience at first hand, a working situation in a local or foreign setting.

For Companies

If you are interested to participate in PTS, please contact Ms Teo (PTS Admin) at .

For Students

Please refer to the details at PFM Intranet login.

For enquiries, please email

Note: Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and current. However, the University reserves the right to make changes without notice.