Minor in Project Management


One of the critical success factors of a project is a strong leader who is able to manage the team members and other resources, so that the project can be completed on time, within budget and at an acceptable level of quality. As more and more human endeavours are organised in the form of discrete but inter-related projects, there is a need for well-trained leaders to manage these projects. The generic knowledge in project management helps future leaders undertake important and challenging tasks of organising manpower, materials, equipment, time and monetary resources to achieve project success.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The main aim of this minor is to provide a broad-based education in leadership and management, with specific focus on dynamic situations. This minor also aims to equip future leaders with skills and knowledge that are transferable from one sector to another.

The learning outcome is: NUS graduates who have strategic competencies to manage complex and large projects.


The Minor in Project Management programme is open to all NUS undergraduates in level 2 and 3 of a 4-year programme, except BSc (Project and Facilities Management).

Curriculum and Modules

To be awarded a Minor in Project Management, the student must pass 6 modules, equivalent to 24 modular credits (MCs). These 24 MCs are divided into Compulsory (4 MCs) and Elective Modules (20 MCs). All 6 minor modules must be graded. No satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) option is allowed.

2015 Cohort and after
(A) Compulsory Modules

  • PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management*
(B) Elective Modules (Students are allowed to choose 5 out of the 7 modules listed below)
  • PF2108 Project Cost Management*
  • PF2201 Scope and Design Management
  • PF2203 Quality and Productivity Management
  • PF2204 Project Development and Finance*
  • PF3206 Project Scheduling and Control
  • PF4203 Project Dispute Management
  • PF4207 Project Risk Management

Modules Description

For more information on the modules, please click here.

Application Procedure

Students can email pfm@nus.edu.sg for the application form.

All applications must reach the Department of Building by 12 noon on first Friday of July. Students may also submit their applications via email to pfm@nus.edu.sg by the above deadline. Late applications and/or incomplete application forms will not be considered. Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Withdrawal Procedure

Students who wish to withdraw from the minor programme at any time, please inform pfm@nus.edu.sg

For enquiries, please email pfm@nus.edu.sg

Note: Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and current. However, the University reserves the right to make changes without notice.